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Reward for inter-caste marriage, widow remarriage: Govt on wrong track to ensure social justice, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 16/08/2009)

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Recent Incidents

A newly-wed couple were forced to leave their village in a remote VDC in mid-west Myagdi district after the village society including their parents didn’t approve of their inter-caste marriage.

Lal Bahadur B.K, a man from the Dalit community, had tied the knot with Om Maya Pun about a month and half ago without the consent of their parents. But the bride’s family rejected their marriage and ousted them from their homes.

The situation took a nasty turn and fearing further reprisal from the bride’s family and villagers, the couple fled to Pokhara.

The newly-weds are now living in the district headquarters Beni. All their efforts to return to their homes and live a normal life have gone in vain.

Only a local non-governmental organization working against caste-based discrimination and untouchability in the district has come forward to help the couple. It has called on the society to recognize inter-caste marriage and urged local authorities to facilitate for the safe return and respectful stay of the duo in the village, according to reports.

A Dalit family in Prasawani VDC in Saptari has been expelled from the village for inter-caste marriage, state-owned news agency RSS reported Friday.

The six-member family of Gugali Rajak Safi has been displaced from the village after beatings and threats from the so called upper caste people after he married Basanti Kumari Chaudhary as his younger wife.

Safi has come to district headquarters along with his elder wife, younger wife and two children after the family of Chaudhary thrashed and threatened him with life. He said he came to Rajbiraj after he was threatened to quit the village.

The Supreme Court (SC) has scrapped a writ of habeas corpus filed by a man seeking the ‘release’ of his daughter, who had eloped with her husband on Sunday.

The SC decision has paved way for Ranjana Kumari Singh, 17, and Kishor Kumar Pashwan, 22, to stay together as a married couple.

Ranjana and Kishor, who hail from Saptari district, had married each other and come to Kathmandu after their families did not approve of their inter-caste love affair.

Ranjana’s father Bishwanath Singh had filed a writ of habeas corpus at the Supreme Court claiming Kishor had abducted his daughter and tried to marry her forcibly.

A joint bench of justices Balram KC and Abadesh Kumar Yadav scrapped the case after Ranjana said she had married Kishor with consent and wants to stay with him at a hearing on Sunday.

Lalitpur, Nepal

December 28, 2009

Sapana Mali, 22 yrs, took poison and killed herself, when she heard her lover Dinesh Maharjan, 22, committed suicide taking poison. Their parents were against the inter-caste relationship between so called higher-caste boy and a lower-caste girl.  Ironically, both were Newar living in Kathmandu Valley, the capital of Nepal.

Intra-caste and inter-caste mentality has deep-rooted in the minds of Nepalese even in the 21st century. When the world is exploring the universe to find if another civilization exists, the level of civilization in Nepal is shameful.

This also demonstrates clearly, that hundreds of non governmental organizations, claiming to work in elimination of caste discrimination, are busy enlightening themselves and not reaching the stakeholders effectively.

Dinesh and Sapana, heartfelt condolence from us, who could do nothing.

प्रेमी-प्रेमीकाले नै गरे आत्महत्या

कान्तिपुर संवाद्‍दाता<!–div></div–>

काठमाडौं, २०६६ पुस १३ – प्रेमीको विष सेवनपछि मृत्यु भएको खबरपछि ललितपुरमा एक प्रेमीकाले पछि विष सेवन गरि आत्महत्या गरेकी छन् ।

प्रहरीका अनुसार ललितपुरको थेचो घर भएका २२ वर्षिय दिनेश महर्जनले तल्लो जातको केटी बिबाह गर्ने विषयमा घरमा विबाद परेपछि आइतबार राति विष सेवन गरेका थिए । उनलाई उपचारका लागि राती नै बिएण्डबी अस्पताल भर्ना गरिएको थियो । उनको आइतबार बिहान १ बजे तिर मृत्यु भएको थियो ।

बिहान प्रेमीको मृत्युको खबर पाएपछि २२ वर्षिया सपना मालीले पनि विष सेवन गरेकी थिइन् । ६ बजेतिर सेवन गरेकी उनलाई उपचारका लागि पाटन अस्पताल ल्याइएको थियो । उनको पनि बिहान ८ बजेतिर मृत्यु भएको अस्पतालमा खटिएका प्रहरीले जानकारी दिए ।

Madhav Kumar Nepal (माधवकुमार नेपाल) , the current Prime Minister of Nepal;  aka Makune, dropped his surname Upadhyaya, and he is against the caste system.

See Article on Wiki.

Intercaste marriages illegal in India and Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, October 23 — Chandra, my 28-year-old sister, was working in Kathmandu, Nepal, and her Indian boyfriend wanted to marry her. He was in the process of finalizing the marriage. But then, my sister decided to run away to her boyfriend that lives in New Delhi, and her true love.

Intricacies of Inter-Caste Marriage between Dalits and Non-Dalits in Nepal Couples’ Perspectives

Author : Keshari Kansakar and Sita Ghimire
Submitted Date : 2010-03-11 07:27:35

This  study seeks to find out the consequences of inter-caste marriage on hypergamous (a non-dalit man marrying a dalit woman) and hypogamous (a dalit man marrying a non-dalit woman) couples: Whether they face social exclusion in the form  of socio-cultural and economic ostracism from families and the society?The study’s assumption is that families and society  are likely to accommodate/ accept hypergamous or hypogamous couples given their level of education and occupation . The research was based on primary sample of 92 inter-caste married couples ( 31 hypergamous and 61 hypogamous )from the Kathmandu valley and from the eastern and western parts of the country . despite being small in sample size,simple bivariate analysis was also carried out to corroborate qualitative analysis. The study finds that the acceptance of hypergamous marriage by non-Dalit families and society was still very rare except under some exceptional circumstances such as lack of strong kinship network in the family, exposure to outside world, or the strong influential family that could overshadow the breakdown of social norm. Irrespective of the level of education  and occupation, there was no acceptance of hypergamous marriage by non-Dalit families and society. On the other hand, non-Dalit and natal family’s acceptance of hypogamous marriage was selective and conditional. Natal families accepted those Dalit sons-in-law who had higher education and held good job. Given the difficulty in getting social acceptance of hypergamous marriage by the families and society, the elimination of caste-based discrimunation seems to be a big challenge. There is a need for combined and concerted effort from the political parties, legel system and the society includien Dalit community to end caste -based diecrimination prevailed in the society.

Kokila KC

BHAKTAPUR: December 12, 2009. Suman Thapa, ward in-charge of Chittapol-9 of Young Communist League (YCL) aligned to UCPN-Maoist, beat up a Dalit family here yesterday night.

The YCL leader vented his ire on the family members of Sagar Pariyar after the latter married his aunt Sangita Thapa Chettri.

Saroj Pariyar, vice-president, District Dalit Coordination Committee, Bhaktapur, confirmed the incident and said that Sagar’s father Shree Ram and uncle, Shree Krishna were those thrashed by the YCL leader at around 9:30 pm.

Saroj and Sangita, who had tied the nuptial knots three months ago, had visited District Administration Office on December 15 for their rehabilitation in the village after they were expelled from their houses largely due to their inter-cast marriage. The couple in their twenties had concealed their love affair for the last four years due to prevailing caste-based discrimination.

According to Saroj, they vowed to live together on September 2 at Pachali Bhairav, Kathmandu, despite the family members’ strong objection.

Ever since their marriage, they have been getting death threat from both the families.

Deepak Raj Nepal, Chief District Officer, Bhaktapur, said that authorities would do needful to assure their security to return back home. He asked the couple to get their citizenship cards from their respective ward office and register their marriage.

“Those assaulting them for the inter-caste marriage will face severe punishment as per the law,” he said.