A newly-wed couple were forced to leave their village in a remote VDC in mid-west Myagdi district after the village society including their parents didn’t approve of their inter-caste marriage.

Lal Bahadur B.K, a man from the Dalit community, had tied the knot with Om Maya Pun about a month and half ago without the consent of their parents. But the bride’s family rejected their marriage and ousted them from their homes.

The situation took a nasty turn and fearing further reprisal from the bride’s family and villagers, the couple fled to Pokhara.

The newly-weds are now living in the district headquarters Beni. All their efforts to return to their homes and live a normal life have gone in vain.

Only a local non-governmental organization working against caste-based discrimination and untouchability in the district has come forward to help the couple. It has called on the society to recognize inter-caste marriage and urged local authorities to facilitate for the safe return and respectful stay of the duo in the village, according to reports. nepalnews.com