The Supreme Court (SC) has scrapped a writ of habeas corpus filed by a man seeking the ‘release’ of his daughter, who had eloped with her husband on Sunday.

The SC decision has paved way for Ranjana Kumari Singh, 17, and Kishor Kumar Pashwan, 22, to stay together as a married couple.

Ranjana and Kishor, who hail from Saptari district, had married each other and come to Kathmandu after their families did not approve of their inter-caste love affair.

Ranjana’s father Bishwanath Singh had filed a writ of habeas corpus at the Supreme Court claiming Kishor had abducted his daughter and tried to marry her forcibly.

A joint bench of justices Balram KC and Abadesh Kumar Yadav scrapped the case after Ranjana said she had married Kishor with consent and wants to stay with him at a hearing on Sunday.