No holy book has ever deduced a particular caste as superior or inferior, however people in this country go on boasting about the high and the low caste groups. A lot of people wrongly assume religion as the root of the caste system. This is the case made out, especially by those who are keen to secure a hokey legitimacy for caste so as to draw out its social tenure. In fact, caste is not, and cannot be, a religious institution on the basis of which knots are tied. It is a socio-economic system that arrogates to itself the rags of religion, simply because it is aware of its utter nakedness.

The worst side of the caste system is that it does not encourage intercaste marriages. There are scientific proofs that cross-plantation in agriculture and cross breeding in animal husbandry could bring remarkable results. This holds true for intercaste marriages as well. The present caste system has done a considerable damage to the nation by posing an encumbrance to intercaste marriage. It is a matter of shame that the most obvious form of punishment for intercaste marriages even today is expulsion from the society.

Even in educated families, parents often threaten their children to chuck them out of their house in case they get married to someone belonging to a different caste. I personally feel it is not obligatory that you need to belong to the same community or caste to fully understand your better half.

There are ample examples of a girl and a boy from an entirely diametric background tying knots together and spending a happy life. After all, every religious literature has acknowledged love as something going beyond all social and economic labels. I have realized that it is pretty hard to completely do away with the negative attitude concerning intercaste marriage because it is well implanted in the psyche of the people for a long time.

The concept of caste discrimination is a curse on the path of national progress, for it has spoilt the lives of millions of people who dream high but could not reach the stars because of the caste constraints.

We need to strongly commit ourselves if we are genuinely interested in curbing the negative mentality towards intercaste marriages. In order to completely change the people’s mindset, it is important to promote intercaste marriages. This is not possible until and unless we equate people regardless of caste, culture and religion. After all, Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota has truly said Manisa thulo dila le huncha, Jaata le hundaina ( A good-heart and not a high-caste makes a man great.)