BANKE DISTRICT- Raju BK and Sumi Khadka, inhabitants of Sitapur VDC-4, Banke, were in love. When they married, however, Sumi Khadka’s family did not accept the marriage. So they lived in India for four months. When they came back after four months’ exile, the villagers and family members saw their strong and deep love and in the presence of the police, their marriage was recognized.
In March 2008, they went to India and lived in Gujarat. But Sumi’s parents had accused Raju of selling her in the brothel, which was completely wrong. To prove this, they phoned their relatives many times but none of them believed it. So they came back to their village to prove that they still live together. Still the parents of Sumi were trying to separate them because Raju belongs to Dalit Community. So on the 20 July 2008 the District Women Cell gave recognition to their marriage in the presence of the people of the boy’s side.
Deumal Sunar, the Chair person of Nepal National Dalit Society Welfare Union, declared the marriage was done as per their will in the presence of Women Police Cell, Dalit Organizations and the people from the sides of the girl and the boy’s family. The agreement was made that if the people of the girl’s side do any sort of illegal things, then legal action would be taken upon them.
Source: JMC