KAPRECHAUR-SALYAN DISTRICT. Bhola Budhathoki and Bhadri Bishwakarma, inhabitants of Kaprechaur-9, Ghuiyabari, married on 27 November 2008. Bhola’s parents have denounced the wedding and the couple has since fled to India.
Due to the unfavorable situation, the couple had lived in Nepalgunj. When they returned to their home, Bhola’s parents denied their entrance. Bhola’s parents beat Bhadri BK with sticks. Bhola Budhathoki tried his best to convince his parents to stop beating his wife but failed. His parents are no longer ready to allow the couple to live in the home. After both of them stayed at Bhadri’s parents’ home for ten days, they were bound to leave for India on 26 June 2008, to live in peace. Rita Nepali, an eye witness, said the incident took place near the police post, but they did nothing.
Tek Bahadur Nepali, the inhabitant of Kaprechaur-7, Salyan, said that the couple were scolded and mistreated. They were also told to leave the village. To see no way out they decided to go to India and earn a living. This area is deeply rooted in the superstition.
Source: JMC